Tailored Solutions for your Business Needs

With the capabilities of a cloud-based contact center, the power of technology can be harnessed through features that allow us to deliver more productivity. We utilize equipment and software that merges seamlessly with Amazon Web Services to provide us with many game changing advantages.


Leveraging our cloud based telephony platform, Invictus provides turn-key solutions for your business needs. Inbound campaigns can start as either routing from your PBX to ours, or using a Toll-free (or local) DIDs to direct your customers to our centers.

Client Integrated

Using secure VPN tunnels, we seamlessly integrate into your business workflow using communication channels, infrastructure, existing platforms you use and internal communication tools to ensure your team has real-time communication.

Hybrid Integration

Leveraging our cloud-based dialer, your CRM, KB and adding routing options during your down hours to our center provides 24/7 support to your customers. Invictus can mix and match the right solutions for ultimate efficiency and cost-effective services.

Our Up Time is Your Uptime

Invictus Solutions has constantly been at the forefront of new technology, whether our internal security or client intergration and operation, we strive to alleviate issues that are ever present in the industry.

Our contact center lives in the cloud! Elastic servers ensure we excel beyond industry standards in uptime.

Our connection to the world. Keeping up with the flow of todays communication oceans, we have employed multiple fiber networks on the most innovative ISP in the country. Fiber Networks are the wave of the future, it allows us to transmit data nearly instantaneously to our sister servers, Granting you the highest quality calls available over the internet. Having multiple routes to access the internet always ensures the highest level of redundancy for your clients.

Natural Disasters in mind. Though natural disasters are out of our control, we can find solutions to whatever problems they may bring. For Instance, Our electricity is that one constant in every business and we expect it never to fail, but they do. We have targeted electrical systems to ensure complete independence from our local grid. Whether the failure is a few seconds or a few days, we ensure our operations does not cease.

We have been a-part of the NEMO (national emergency management organization). NEMO is the national organization which ensures that Invictus agents (which is your voice to your clients) are always safe.