What if there was a faster more effective way to support your customers and grow your business?

One where incremental change could dramatically transform how your company operates.
Where substantial cost savings and greater agility comes with fewer challenges, risks and disruptions.

It’s easier than you can imagine with Invictus.

Real-world experiences and actual results

With our Global Business Services (GBS) portfolio of services, a more flexible and cost-efficient organization becomes achievable.

For more than a decade, Invictus has been providing innovative nearshore support services that improve customer interactions and helps to reduce operational costs from our Belizean GBS Delivery Hub.

We have the people, technology, experience and capability that makes digital transformation and responsiveness possible.

Learn how our nearshore distributed workforce is helping to transform how industries function and find meaningful cost savings quickly and effectively.

Discover Now

From startups to Fortune 500 organizations and regardless of size or industry we’re ready to provide:

  • Inbound Call Center Services
  • Outbound Call Center Services
  • Consolidated Service Desk
  • Enterprise GBS Customer Services
  • Back Office Operations
  • Hybrid Services & Disaster Recovery
  • Contact Center & Workforce Optimization

Put our more than 12 years of experience to work by:

  • Leveraging our GBS Nearshore Delivery Hub to minimize risk
  • Confidently transforming how your company operates
  • Reallocating savings to priority projects
  • Scaling to meet demand quickly and easily
  • Providing exceptional customer support
  • Guarding against business interruptions
  • Limiting disruptions and risks that come with change
  • Augmenting existing talent with top talent effortlessly

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