For more than a decade, Invictus has been providing dedicated and innovative nearshore services.

Support tailored and focused on strengthening your brand and customer experience. Where low cost of entry and dependable staffing helps your company succeed from our Belizean GBS Delivery Hub.

Invictus – A Partner In Your GBS Ecosystem

Creating a competitive advantage from our Nearshore Delivery Hub by minimizing risk, simplifying global deployment and accelerating time to market with our proven nearshore support services.

The Services We Provide

Customer relationships can be made or ruined with an inbound interaction. Within a split-second potential and even established customers begin to form their impression of your company, its support staff and whether your brand is right for them. A bad interaction results in a loss of money and many times the loss of a customer.

For more than a decade Invictus has been on the forefront of providing better customer experiences with Customer Service, Technical Support, Help Desk and 24X7 Support Services. We’ve been making a difference for some of the largest and most recognized brands and can do the same for your organization.

Belize is known for its warm and friendly people. It is this attribute that translates into positive customer experiences when combined with our Outbound Contact Center services.

Whether it be Direct Sales, Appointment Scheduling, Notifications, Reminders, Surveys or even Fundraising, our nearshore team has the experience to promote your brand with an improved customer experience while meeting the KPI’s that grow your business.

At Invictus every customer engagement begins with an understanding of your strategic objectives, corporate culture and growth strategies. Together we design and deploy IT Support solutions that minimize risk, simplify your day-to-day operations and provide significant financial benefits.

Backed by our extensive industry expertise, our tailored IT Support solutions leverage today’s most innovative technology platforms. Our world-class IT professionals are committed to delivering a superior customer experience, solving customer challenges quickly while reducing operational costs. Imagine what this could mean for your business.

Implementing successful GBS strategies has enabled our Enterprise customers to streamline processes, mitigate risk and improve the customer experience. Our robust best practices and DMAIC/Six Sigma approach to improving organizational support from our nearshore GBS Delivery Hub simplifies your GBS deployment while significantly cutting costs.

Many of our customers have multiple holdings across business categories and lines of business. Our GBS Service Desk allows these companies to standardize on a single platform, approach and processes for the same outstanding support across each of their businesses. We can help your company do this too.

Choosing the right nearshore partner is a critical first step in moving services to a global delivery center. Without a high-performance back office frontline customer interactions suffer.

Guided by our seasoned global executive team, Invictus Back Office solutions provide highly skilled and trained personnel focused on providing better customer service with a commitment to speed and quality. We excel in the areas of tax and accounting, customer service, administration, IT support and HR, to name a few. With access to highly educated top talent and a history of providing exceptional service and support, Invictus customers are customers for life! We can show you why.

At Invictus we have been designing innovative, high availability Contact Center solutions since our inception using both nearshore and hybrid models. Supporting agents with innovative platforms and access to our GBS partner ecosystem provides extreme design flexibility in resolving challenging issues.

From DR solutions that balance workloads between the U.S. and nearshore operations, to providing Service Desk, Augmentation Services and Back Office support, Invictus has established itself as a premier nearshore partner for high availability Contact Centers that improve customer experience while significantly reducing costs. We’re ready to achieve the same for your company.

For more than 12 years our proprietary Contact Center platform has been hardened through use and upgraded in compliance with today's rigorous security and omnichannel requirements. Leveraging our own technology and carrier relationships allows us to provide a cost-effective solution to complement any GBS strategy.

For even greater efficiency we provide a Workforce Optimization platform with real-time analytics to refine processes, improve team productivity and maximize contact center effectiveness. Combined with the Invictus Contact Center platform and our top talent, we have a complete contact center solution that delivers maximum flexibility and outstanding financial returns. Let us show you the difference it can make.

The Services We Provide

Providing Peace Of Mind In All We Do

We take safety and security extremely seriously

  • With comprehensive physical security that protects and helps ensure ongoing operations
  • Our robust data security that protects and guards again threats and risks
  • Two-factor authentication to safeguard our communications
  • Continuous auditing and compliance training so standards are understood and met
  • Hurricane, storm readiness and auxiliary backup protocols for storm resiliency

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