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Invictus provides mission critical logistics support for the world’s largest and most complex supply chains from our Belizean Delivery Hub.

Today’s Aerospace, Defense & Government industries require affordable and secure solutions that counter issues stemming from cost-sensitive contracts, raising prices, hiring constraints and the need for digital transformation. At the center of these challenges is the ability to provide cost-effective support for thousands of business interactions.

Invictus is proud to participate in an ecosystem that supports our most important agencies by minimizing risk and reducing costs within global supply chain operations. From Consolidated Service Desk operations to Technical Support, we have the experience in supporting complex mission critical agency operations for the past decade.

From suppliers to the shop floor, Automotive and Manufacturing companies need ways to simplify the complexity of supporting massive supply chain operations. Add to that the management of thousands of contractors, carriers and freight forwarders required to get final products to market. Within this massive ecosystem, Automotive and Manufacturing organizations require logistics solutions that simplify existing processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

At Invictus, we have been supporting Automotive and Manufacturing supply chain operations from our Belizean Delivery Hub since 2012. With more than a decade of experience deploying Consolidated Service Desk, our manufacturing logistics ”best practices” help minimize risk when building new support teams and deploying global logistics services. And our DMAIC/Six sigma approach to supply chain process development helps ensure customer supply chain transformation aligns with essential corporate strategies.

Financial transformation begins with improving the customer experience.

As customers change the way they interact with financial institutions, technology and digitized interactions can make or break a customer relationship. A positive interaction can yield increased loyalty; however, a negative one can result in dissatisfaction and possible customer loss. While the customer experience has always been a priority for financial institutions, the challenge becomes more complex when introducing digitized interactions.

At Invictus, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative Financial Services solutions to some of the nation’s most recognized brands. From Service Desk to L1/L2 Technical Support, years of Financial Services experience reduces implementation cycles and gets you a dedicated services team trained to your brand and support standards quickly and effectively.

Delivering Health Care and Telehealth operations that reduce costs while improving response time is central to transformative patient care.

Hospitals and healthcare providers face new challenges that require more flexible and dynamic patient support solutions. As a result of budget restraints and staff shortages, the patient experience can suffer. Healthcare providers now require new patient management models that provide for the reallocation of savings to care management for better outcomes.

Telehealth is becoming an area that can quickly improve patient experience while providing significant cost reductions. Savings that can be assigned to other initiatives. With certified RNs and NPs available from our Belizean Delivery Hub, we provide telehealth solutions that can significantly reduce costs while enhancing and expanding patient support.

Imagine a world where IT Support strengthens your brand and provides more responsive and engaged customer interactions.

At the foundation of the Invictus Global Business Services (GBS) Delivery Hub are technical professionals who come from one of the 7 Belizean colleges and universities within commuting distance of our offices in Belmopan. Our ability to quickly build a team dedicated to your business is a core commitment and should be top of mind when considering a nearshore GBS partner.

From L1/L2 support to Consolidated and Remote Service Desks, our team has been providing remote IT managed and support services for more than a decade. With some of the largest technology providers as our customers, we are confident in our ability to support your needs and to work quickly to provide you with a more responsive, qualified and dedicated support team.

Convert potential customers to actual customers from our GBS Solutions Hub.

Hospitality customers have become self-service agents, researching destinations, prices, and searching for value on their own. If you are fortunate enough for one of those customers to reach out to your Service Desk, friendly, informative and helpful agents are critical. Long hold times and the inability to provide the right information at the right time is all a customer needs to drop the call and move on to the next venue, destination or hotel property.

Since our start in 2012, we have been building dedicated high-performance teams supporting our hospitality customers, converting browsers into customers while regularly outperforming onshore reservation centers.

Working to streamline support services while providing consistent customer experiences.

As consumer prices continue to rise at an alarming rate, retailers are prioritizing brand loyalty programs, customer service and working to establish and maintain new levels of consumer trust. Brand loyalty becomes paramount when consumers have less to spend, and it only takes a single negative customer interaction to destroy years of built-up trust and brand alliance.

Invictus excels at providing Consolidated Service Desk support for our international retailers. Streamlining customer support into a single Service Desk allows our customers to reduce costs while simplifying and improving the customer experience. The Invictus nearshore team regularly outperforms our customers’ onshore service teams in customer conversions and problem resolution. As a result, we help to drive higher sales and have higher net promoter scores than our customers onshore service centers.

For several retailers, we even provide dedicated personal shoppers for high value customers. Plus, our ability to scale quickly in support of seasonal requirements assures agent resources are always optimized for cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Where We’re Making A Difference

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